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Bits and Pieces of Stuff

I havent updated in awhile I dont think. I dont think my life has changed dramatically in the past week or so, sooooo I dont have too much to say. But then again I always say that and 3487 words later I realize maybe I do have some things on my mind.

Well I guess Ill start off with Steph. Thanks Aj, Jess, and Drea for your imput by the way. Let me make this short and sweet and a tad bitchy. Cody just pulled all these strings to get Steph a job at the Carousel gym, she started talking about him...which resulted in backstabbing him to the point where he is no longer manager. Everyone I know has caught on to all of her lies and legitimately want to hire a hitman. I would laugh at this if i wasnt joking. I dont hate her....just like you learn on Sesame Street when your litte- "hate is a strong word". I just need to take space. I think she's a sad, messed up girl and as much as I'd like to "help" her I can't trust her not to betray I'm slowly taking space and hoping the stalking stops...and that she learns how to make herself happy without harming/screwing others. The End.

I've been working out like crazy lately. The past 2 weeks I just layed around eating paint a mental picture of me watching MTV and eating an entire bag of Nestle Treasure's (caramel and raspberry flavored...goddamn!!!!) So yeah. Ive been doing lots of running and crazy cardio to make up for my downhill spiral into fat-dom. I feel better now and I would like to actually be able to wear a bathing suit in public this year.

I guess all Ive been dealing with lately is figuring out where to go to school next year. I got accepted to the Purchase cinema/film dept but I dunno if I wanna go there. Im bored with this topic. So basically Im waiting to hear from a few more schools but if I dont get into those Ill be going to Purchase.

Um the script Jeff and I have been working on is coming along AMAZINGLY. We are almost done with the first draft...were gonna get those printed, and hand them out to the ppl helping us film this, then were gonna revise it and nitpick some things. Jeff has all the camera, audio, and editting equiptment ready so I think this weekend we're gonna go around and get some shots from around our the windmills in Caz and a few other places. THe script is about 3 couples and basically theres 7 characters in...4 of which are me, jeff, ANT, and DAVE. Haha wow this is gonna be so weird to film with Dave AND Jeff...I hope its not awkward but we'll see. SO basically in a couple weeks this filming is gonna take up the majority of my weekends, and Im actually stoked about that. We have no literally get release forms for when we film in the mall and these restaurants..and it just seems so "serious". Im really excited to get working on this...and to hang out with my old Oswego friends all yeah, theres that.

Ive been looking through lots of old pics from when I was little lately and Its so weird to see how many memories can come flowing back from one picture. You know all those toys or clothes you dont have anymore but you will always remember how they looked or how you felt in them when you were little?....Well I keep seeing all of these items or people that I kind of forgot and now I wonder what happened to them. I thought I was so normal when I was little but in every picture im doing something completely weird. Theres pics from when I was like 3 at Sylvan Beach with my mom and my dad. And I must have like grabbed my "privates" haha and my parents told me not to because in every picture from that trip I would put my hands on my spot and laugh hahaha what a weirdo. Then I keep seeing these pics of me and my dad and how close we were and its so strange. I remember how he always used to be so tan from always being outside and how Id always wanna get on his shoulders or back or how he had this red flannelish shirt that I would always associate with him. In every picture Im like cuddled up on his lap or hugging him or hanging from his neck cuz I didnt wanna let go of him. I can hardly look at those pics without crying but its almost good. After looking at them I called my dad 'just to say' hi last night...I know that sounds so stupid and simple but I dont think Ive done that in like 4 years...and it made him so happy. So I decided for fathers day Im going to take a bunch of pics of me and my dad from the time I was a baby until recent times and get them copied and make him like a scrapbook cuz he doesnt have many pics of us. Hes like so sentimental so I know he'll like it, and probably cry haha, but I definitely want to get this done instead of saying Im going to do it. I think maybe those pics will keep reminding me that he was like my king at one point and yeah, I hope it works.

But yeah to wrap this up I guess Ill say that I think all of you should get out tons of picture albums and really take a look at stuff from when you were little. Its so bizarre...seeing how young your grandparents looked, or seeing the weird things you did when the camera started flashing, or just seeing how funny you looked when you were little and naked. haha i sound like a kiddie porn ad so Im goig to shutup. But take my advice. K bye.
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hold on one GD second... steph got cody "fired" from his managerial position after he got her a job!? wtf... that is horse shit.

anyways, i just wanna say that i can't wait to see this film (that is if you want to show it to me) i was wondering if i could get a sneak preview or something? yea, i can't wait to see this!! YOU ARE SO FREAKIN TALENTED! from the young days of crotch grabbing to now being a script writer, you are simply amazing.

The comment above is so totally right, so I don't wanna beat it into submission. But damn Lyndsey, I haven't read...well anything, that you have done that was stupid. So stop it.