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Dont read if you get annoyed easily

Wowza Ive been so sick. Yup I just said Wowza.
I started feeling shitty last Friday or throat hurt so bad but my mom just thought I was being dramatic so she didnt "let" me go to the doctors until yesterday even though my tonsils were the size of golf balls with huge white splotches covering them. Sexy right? I went so far as to take pics of them to document my horrific journey and I was like "Oh wow Ill post those pics in livejournal!" ...But Im sitting here now thinking how id feel if someone showed me random pics of their splotchy throat so yeah I wont be posting the pics...dont get to disappointed. But my doctor was literally like "Holy shit!" when he saw my throat cuz it was that bad. So now Im completely cracked out on medicines that they usually wouldnt prescribe for Strepp but I let it get so out of control that I need to be sterilized haha. Wow im such a loser.

Ummmmmm lalala i cant really think of anything to say. I just took a 6 hour nap...which typically is just called "bed" but since I took it from 5pm-11 its a nap. I know Im going to be up all night. I worked all day and it just dragged onnnnnnnnnnnnnn and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I didnt get much sleep cuz last night at 330 my phone rings and before even looking at it I knew it was going to be Frank. I hung it up twice but he just kept calling so I finally talked. And got his usual I miss you's and I messed up's and all of that. After our first convo he called back 5 minutes later cuz he apparently thought the first conversation went so well that it warranted a second call. This time he explained why our relationship got messed up at the end of it...and this time I think he finally told me the truth. After 5 minutes of this I hung up again. In about 5 minutes my phone rings again and now Im wide awake so I think fuck it Ill just talk for a bit then I can get some sleep. But of course he starts saying things that get me thinking so when we hang up at like 415 I lay in bed for a good half hour before I can get sleepy.
I dont get that kid. Out of all the people Ive encountered in life, excluding maybe one or two people here and there, he is by far the most confusing. I dont know if alcohol makes him tell the truth or makes him an excellent liar but I guess it doesnt really matter either way.
I will admit he was funny when he invited me to The Chicken Wing Festival on Saturday. hahahhaahhhaha thats one of those events that only a guy could get excited by and think that it would be sweet to ask a girl to. Actually its one of those events that only a guy would go to. You know you need to find a new town to live in when yours starts having a fucking chicken wing festival.

Steph moved back to Cali
I dont know.
She keeps calling me 24/7.
I dont like being someones crutch.
I know that sounds bad. But as soon as she finds more friends or a new boyfriend my phone will only ring on the weekends when she wants to get drunk and wear my clothes or gossip. I dont like that. ANd I feel phony sitting here writing this behind her back but I cant really say anything to her face until she shows me that she hasnt learned how to be a friend. I dunno. Im contradicting myself. I just dont like friendships based on need rather than a mutual understanding as corny as that sounds. The friends that stand out most in my heart are the ones that I can just look over at without saying a word and we burst out laughing because we both know what the other ones thinking. Or the friends that send stupid ims just to say hi or make a joke not just when they need something.
I just wish shed let her guard down sometimes and be silly and not worry that people are judgin her for acting immature. One time when we were out with Cody and Yuri and all those guys, I got laughing SO hard...I dont remember what happened but I fell right out of my chair and she YELLED at me as if I was her daughter. But what makes it more ridiculous was the fact that we were in a strip club...dont ask, thats a whooooooole other story. But as if all the disgusting men were like "wow that fully clothed girl over yonder just fell out of her chair laughing" when they have a naked girl rubbing their unwashed faces between her boobs.

Anyways I just went on a tanget. haha yeah sometimes I get a lil too crazy with my story telling..,Woo let me wipe the sweat off of my forehead.

But i dunno.
I was going to finish this off with something really witty but my mind just went blank.
Can I just say that I pretty much dislike anyone who volunteers to go on an MTV dating show. I dont know why I am annoyed by these people so much but wow. Who spends their Saturday sitting on a bus with 4 other guys just to have a 40 minute date with a bitchy girl from Long Island whos usually wearing a jean skirt and ugg boots even though its summer. Ugh I just hate those shows.
Haha in like 3 years Ill probably be on one and then you can all ridicule me but until then just dont watch those stupid shows because Im queen and thats what I say.

Ok im dizzy and pretty cracked out right now so im gonna go sleepy.
Tomorrow is gonna be a nails and tanning and gym day so if youre around and wanna meet up thatd be swell.
So so swell.
ha ok i really am going to shutup now. Im annoying even myself and I heard thats hard to tickling, it sucks how you cant tickle yourself. I tried. but it didnt work. Well i do know one way to tickle yourself that i accidentally invented but its tricky and strange so if you wanna know leave a commentttttttttt
god im so weird. goodnight.
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I can tickle myself beat that.
You win. I give up. You won. Yeah. You definitely won.
I never lose. Don't feel bad. Have some Haagen Daas.