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"And Every Word is Nonsense...

But I Understand."

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Ms. Lyndsey if u nastay
"I am the stereotypical teenage girl...I like to giggle, I wear too much makeup, and one of my favorite things to do is shop....go figure." -Me, 2001.
....4 Years later and the only thing thats changed is my status as a teenager. 20 now. Obsessed with Garden State...and film making; Carmen Electra, Counting Crows and singing out of tune. Convinced that Jake Gyllenhaal is my soul mate. Love writing...writing anything- poems, scripts, stories, etc. Strongly dislike punctuation, and based on this User-info Im not big on full sentences either. Spend my time between school...majoring in film/cinema (hoping to move to Cali soon.....and by soon I mean in a couple years), work.....I work at a gym, and my spare time is spent with good friends who mean more to me than they know, watching movies; daydreaming about what Im going to create one day, and trying to find inspiration in everything I do and in everyone I meet.
311, adam duritz, al pacino, amaretto sour, american beauty, anna begins, art, audrey hepburn, bad boys, bam margera, beauty, bellyrings, betty boop, boys who smell good, boys with broad shoulders, boys with thick necks, bridge street run, california, candles, carmelo anthony, carmen electra, charlotte russe, chicken parmegian, chocolate, christmas lights, clueless, coldplay, college, counting crows, creativity, dave matthews, dazed and confused, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, exercise, forever 21, french fries, french manicures, frosties, fruit and yogurt parfaits, full moons, funny boys, garden state, glow, gorditas, gregory peck, hank the dwarf, harvey keitel, hip-hop dancing, honesty, hoop earrings, humor, i love lucy, imdb.com, infatuation, italy, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, jeeps, jlo, john mayer, josh hartnett, jude law, jumping in puddles, laughing, little kids, love, makeup, making movies, malibu baybreeze, marilyn monroe, mark mcgrath, mark ryden, marlon brando, martin scorsese, mitsubishi eclipses, monet, mtv, mug night, my curly hair, my oswego girls, natalie portman, natalie wood, norman rockwell, ocean city, old hollywood, old movies, open minded people, originality, oswego, outside providence, palm trees, pam anderson, pearl jam, pears, penny lane, photography, playboy bunnies, playing in the rain, poetry, pretty eyes, puppies, purses, push up bras, rainbows, reading, robert deniro, rolly chairs, romy and michelle, running, ryan blackwell, s'mores, salad, sarcasm, scriptwriting, shopping, smiling, speakcarmenese.com, stanley kubrick, stealing bulk candy, steve maddens, strawberries, strawberries and champagne lotion, su basketball, supreme pizza, syracuse orangemen, taco bell, taking pictures, tan skin, tanning, tara leigh patrick, the beach, the color pink, the howard stern show, the ocean, the pussycat dolls, the real world, the stars, warmth, warren beatty, water beds, white teeth, wit, writing, writing screenplays, zach braff

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