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Hate List

I just realized that I don't really like when people actually write the word FUCKING or FUCKIN when they are trying to tell a story (creative writing not included). I used to do it, and I reread some things, and well basically it's stupid. Unless youre actually trying to jot down your entire train of thought word-for-word, "stream of consciousness" if you will, then why take the enegry to actually type it out? I literally just realized that I think it's very WT.

Today I got a fucking fever and I seriously thought I was going to die.


Today I got a fever and I seriously thought I was going to die.

So seriously....
Why add the fuck?

I honestly decided to update just to get that out.
Also to say Happy Thanksgiving and yeah thats all. I havent read anyones lj's in forever so I hope u are all doing good.
And also, so I could make a quick list of things I hate (nothing says "happy holidays" quite like a hate I go:)

-Dr. Phil's voice
-Guys who get angry when girls burp

I guess thats the list.

Yesterday BIlly and I went to the dog shelter to look for a small puppy to adopt. We got in a little snippy argument right before they brought the dogs out...(I stole a few magazines in the waiting room because Jake Gyllenhaal was in them...he got mad), so in my head I was secretly hoping that the dogs would run to me and like me more than him. So naturally when the first dog pranced out of the door he ran over to me, lifted his leg and peed all over my pants and shoe. Now I'll quote Alicia Keyes- "Its called Karma baby, and it goes around."

We've, scratch that...I'VE narrowed down our puppy possibilities to the following:

He's leaning towards the pug or puggle, and for whatever reason I really want a Boston Terrier more than a Yorkie.

I also have a recent, yet incredibly strong addiction to salami sandwiches.

I dont know whats wrong with me.

I should be sprouting a penis in the next few weeks.

Check for that update

and have a good THanksgiving.

P.S- Another HATE:
-When ppl say TUKREY DAY instead of thanksgiving. Its not fair. To Vegeterians. Or pilgrims.
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