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Taco Bell is the new Love.

(Im copying Katie with this one..)
Go to google, and type in "{your name} needs" and post the top 10 results...

According to Google I need:
1.)Lyndsey needs a plan:. Quit using the credit cards.

2.)Lyndsey needs a few more moments to set things up.

3.)Lyndsey needs to learn from the past so that she can shape the future.

4.)Lyndsey needs to get a better make up artist, true, and so what if her boobs are fake? She certainly has a lot of "confidence" with them now.

(HAHA #4 is fantastic)

5.)Lyndsey needs to start commenting up in this piece!

6.)Lyndsey needs some cause larger than her own profit.

The rest would need to be re-worded so I'll just stick with 6 needs. Kind of strange how right-on they all are. Aside from the fake boobs and credit card usage.

Well I guesssss I'll do a random, quick update due to my procrastination.

-Mom and Bruce come home from Florida today. Im trying to get the house nice and clean so she can come home and just be stress-free for awhile.

-Billy and I got into a horrible fight yesterday. Much worse than our usual ones. This time we actually broke up for more than a 20-minute-period. This one featured tons of crying and hanging up on eachother, and even going to bed single. Oh my. Take a deep breath its all okay now. Whew, feeling better? Yeah I thought so. Today I went in to work with the intent of being nice, and we started bickering again. So at work we sit in these long rows of cubicles and of course they switched my seat to the one right next to him. So there was no escape. We tried to talk, ended up arguing so the stupid ass called my phone. We literally talked on the phone when we were side by side, we calmed down and decided to go to lunch together as usual. And what happens? We get Taco Bell then the car runs out of gas on Towpath road so we were stuck with some nachos and a chance to talk about stuff while we waited for Triple A. Weird how those opportunities present themselves. So we drive back to work and instead of going back in, we randomly park in the back of the parking lot and hooked up in the back of his truck-jeep-suv thing. Its a ghetto love I tell you. At this point all I can do is laugh at our history and how we make things better each time.

Yesterday Anna and I finally went wig shopping. Weve planned this for months and we just carpe diem-ed. We knew that Kat was workin at Doughertys so we knew it was a perrfect place to go harrass her, and get our wigs on (<--if you say that "get our wigs on" in a 50 cent voice, I bet people would laugh). Anyways, we figured Kat would be workin the cash register but to our pleasant surprise she was in the wig section so she got to be our wig bitch for 2 hours. I only tried on like two or three wigs before I finally settled on mine. Its so cute. Its (because you care-) like a deep reddish/auburn color and straight with long layers, angles, and a slight side part. I got it because Carmen had this hair-style and color in the mid-90's. Feel free to make fun of me, Im used to it. Anna went crazy and got a blonde, layered wig that has a bunch of different shades of blonde- its hot. They were 70 dollars each. My naive self only brought 15 dollars assuming that fake hair cant be that expensive. I was wrong. I didnt realize Anna had her credit card so I had to call billy and ask him to come buy me a wig, haha. He showed up, and I realized Anna was spotting me the cash. I tried to make the most of the awkward shopping experience but when I shimmied to him while wearing a horse mask he wasnt too turned on, so he and josh left. Needless to say, anna and i have both been wearing them around our houses since we bought them so I think our fat heads broke them in. We got them to wear to the bars/downtown on Friday. Its going to be fabulous. And on Halloween I think we decided to be gangsters so we can tip a Fedora hat to the side and sing "keeeepin it gangsta" all night long, all night long till the break of dawn.

If any of you didnt think it was possible to write a 2500 word essay on wig shopping, well, I just proved you wrong.

The other day in script-writing class one of my classmates, who was probably seperated from me at birth, did that thing where he found something funny to the point where he couldnt stop laughing. It got to the point where the teacher had to stop class because the kid was so red in the face from biting his lip in an attempt not to laugh anymore. Naturally, i couldnt take my eyes off of him, and whenever he glanced over we would burst out laughing. It was like that scene in Mary Poppins where Bert takes everyone to go see his grandpa, and then they all laugh themselves up to the ceiling. Literally one by one we all started laughing until we couldnt breathe, so the teacher gave the class a twenty minute break so we could go get some fresh air and compose ourselves. It was fantastic. What I found so funny, was what he found so funny- we were talking about this character in one of the girls screenplays. And this character is a hairdresser who is afraid of commitment. And in one scene she is cutting and old womans hair and someone brings up marriage...and for whatever reason, our teacher suggested that she be a bad haircutter and just light peoples heads on fire to burn the ends of their hair off. So this kid just thought that was incredible. I can only imagine what images he had running through his head to make him laugh in this manner, but he pretty much became my new hero with his pyrotechnic imagination.

And because I think this is the best thing anybody could put on their grave, I will share it....

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