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This is long. Skip it all except for the part about the Australian Girl. K thanks.

da da daaa Im bored. TV bores me lately. Not really. Well, kinda. Maybe thats because I just watched this tv-documentary about UFO's on the History Channel two times in a row.......I cant lie- my remote control is across the room and I really have no desire to go get it so I learned all about spaceships and watched another 4 hours of my life go down the drain. Haha how depressing.

Today in the daycare at work I had the two cutest baby-toddler things ever. They were like 20months old or that still a baby? Im so dumb sometimes. Anyways, they werent related but they played together like they were brothers. One was Corey and one was Tristan and I literally fell in love. Ive had Tristan before. He NEVER cries...he just laughs and smiles all the time. Literally people who are working out stop by the daycare just to see him..hes like the most popular baby ever. Corey was exactly the same...he has this chubby face and just kept wanting to hug me and lean on me and sit on my lap. Gah I want a baby. Then there was this little girl Brooke who just turned 2 in February. Ive watched her since she was 10months old but shes turning into a rebel and its hysterical. She apparently learned swear words from "her dad playing Vice City cuz the characters swear on it." Bullshit. But something about a little girl swearing is the funniest thing in the world. Kids are so cool. Its like they cant form a proper sentence but they NEVER use a swear word wrong. You never hear "youre a fuck shit"...although I guess that could work. But kids are like "youre a fucking bitch". I dont know how they can form the proper adjective/noun/verb agreemenet thing but its impressive and hysterical and I cant tell them not to swear when Im laughing too hard.

Im starving. Im craaaaaaaaaving a Take5 candybar. Have any of you tried those? Whoa. Its like chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel, and other stuff all rolled into one and wowza I could live on those.

Haha I clearly have nothing good to say today.

Okay in serious news I feel SO horrible for that young Australian girl accused of smuggling WEED into Bali. Her name is SCHAPELLE CORBY. I dont know how many of you have heard about this but I think its insane that its not in our news mainly because she is not American. Basically this 27...or is it 24 (?) year old, PRETTY as all hell Australian girl was going on a vacation to Bali with her family. She didnt have locks on any of her bags, and supposedly customs found like .41 grams of weed in her surf bag. Theres TONS of speculation that it was planted and there have even been Australian officers who have stepped forward to say that there was a deal between the countries involving drug trafficking/planting drugs to make a statement to possible offenders. I know Im not doing this story justice but check it out. This poor girl has been in a foreign jail since OCTOBER 2004...she lives in a cell with 9 or 10 MALE inmates and was just convicted of the crime. There is a huge backlash in Australia...literally the whole country is joining together to try to stop this case. I just spent a good hour or two going onto all of these websites and signing online petitions to support her. I know that doesnt do much but it feels good knowing that thousands of names are going to be generated to support this poor girl. All enter her name into a search engine and read about this case, look at pics, and watch footage of her during the trial. When the guilty verdict was read her family, mainly her mom started going crazy, its seriously heartbreaking. If you get a chance sign the petition. Did I say that she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for SUPPOSEDLY SMUGGLING WEED. Thats insane. She was also facing the death penalty- a firing squad...but apparently this ruling is "taking it easy on her." I dont know. This world, despite cultural differences/beliefs makes me sick. Poor girl.

Now that Im done ranting about that what else is there?
Jay is pissing me off lately. Every night he is out with this new kid Ryan hes becoming friends with so I just get drunken, jealous calls. He doesnt make plans with me but then he finds out Im out with someone else he gets mad and wants me to let him come pick me up. When I was in Oneida he called and was going to drive out there, pick me up, and drive me back the next day so I could get my car. But then he wont call me when he says hes going to anymore, and he wont come over when he says hes going to so screw it. Thats another one I guess I should quit stressing over. I pick such losers.

Theres also this guy Dave that works out at the gym. He is a guy I could actually be interested in but he does weird stuff. Like hell always come over and flirt with me and ask me to go have a drink with him. So the other night i was like okay lets go. So the place we were gonna go to was closed when we got he asked me to go to his place but I wouldnt. So I said just call me another day and well go out. He says hell call me the next day, does This has happened a couple times now. The other day he was trying to get me to come out and I said I didnt really feel like it. So he said "let me call you later and we'll figure something out." I said, "no, you always say that then you never call." So I get- "I will call u at 1030 tonight" Does he call, no. Haha damn. SO I finally said screw it. But today at the gym he comes up to me as Im talking to my mom and introduces himself to her and starts sucking up to her big-time. (she didnt like him). Later on I go outside and he's waiting in his car and asks me to go get food with him. I told him I was just on my break and he says to go out with him later. I said maybe. He says hell call me when I get outta work...does he, no. I dont get it. Its not like Im chasing HIM and like OH PLEASE CALL ME. Everyday he asks me to hang out or do something, and I never really say YES...but then he doesnt call. I dont get it at all. I think maybe hes just arrogant and is waiting for me to chase him? I dont know. For the longest time he would always try to get me to call him and I never would and I dont know if this is payback or what. But Cody warned me about first I believed stuff but people keep telling me he was just trying to cockblock. Pardon my trashiness. Haha but hes fucking cute and athletic and when he laughs I immediately lose my brain cells and just want to cover him in chocolate and lick him all over. im sort of joking. He used to be like a star on the SU lacrosse team and I cant lie I looked him up online the other day and he is like in the Top 20 scorers (of all-time) for all of New York State when he was in high school. I dont know why silly records like that make me want to jump his bones but hey I guess Im a sports groupie.

This entry is getting more pathetic by the minute. Honestly if you read it all leave a comment and I will give you a present.
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