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I better be as cool as my grandma one day

I had such a good night. I went to Oneida to work on the script @ Jeffs. Whoa. We're doing so good. We're only a few scenes away from completion...and by completion I mean a rough draft. Exaggeration never gets old. After about 3 rum and cokes and 4 vodka and red bulls we had fucking hysterical ideas for some upcoming scenes. It just makes me want to 'yeeeeeeeehaw'. I havent really re-read our ideas since sobering up just cuz Id rather not come to the conclusion that I have a very low I.Q that shows itself when Im drunk. Not to be gross and random, but I went pee at least 37 times last night. Ive never seen/experienced anything like it. We played this FAB-U-LOUS drinking game called "BONK", Im sure some of you have played it before. And one of the rules is that if you gotta pee you gotta yell "Bladder" and pee before your next turn or else you get a BONK. Well every now and then jeff's mom would come in the attic to have a smoke and heres this crazy girl screaming "bladder" and running down the stairs before anyone could react. I peed so much that I lost. Im trying to patent like a diaper-thong so I'll never have to worry about it again. I dont know who'd go for that. It could have like a label on it ..."For the slut on the go" or something along those lines. Someone tell me to shutup.
Yeah I dont have much else to say. We lined up another actor to play our 7th-wheel in the film. He's perfect for it. We pretty much have all of the main actors lined up now, we got the equiptment set, were on our way to a crazy-good script and Im pumped. We gotta go and get release forms too for our public shots. Im so stoked. Speaking of "stoked" doesn't everyone say that word? A few days ago I was on the phone with Jeff and I said I was stoked about something just as my friend Kenny came up behind me and he literally made fun of me for saying that word. He was like screaming his mocks at me loud enough for Jeff to hear, and Jeff agreed...that only surfers say stoked. I disagree. Its a great word. Spread it around like herpes. Sorry. Theres like a 1 in 4, maybe even a 1 in 3 chance I just offended someone with my STD lingo.

So today my grandma reached an all time low of old-lady-dom. She and my great-aunt julie have a garage sale in oswego during Harborfest every summer. Well, theyve had so many that theyve sold everything that they dont want today they went all around hitting up other peoples garage sales only to buy things that they will sell at Harborfest for a higher price and make a profit for. Is there not something wrong with this picture? Its so grimey. I dont know if shes just gotten used to having a garage sale so she needs to get new things to sell out of habit, or cuz shes a complete gangsta and just wants more bling. Most grandmas like bake cookies all day and wear those Ked air-cushioned shoes and smell all powdery and waddle around eating diabetic candy but not her. Shes so ghetto-fab and awesome and I love it.

One more random but funny thing that made me LOL and i NEVER LOL.

(Im talking to my friend Steve online...we always send stupid pics back and forth and this day was no he sends me a pic that he sent me one or two conversations ago...)
ME: You already sent me this pic
STEVE: I did?...OH I thought I sent it to someone else.
ME: Whoa youre an online whore.
STEVE: I am, I hope I have virus protection.

HHAHAHA is that not the wittiest/stupidest thing in the world. He came up with it so fast. Puns makes the world go round. The end.
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