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I dont know what to do. I feel bad writing this but oh well. Stephanie is driving me crazy. She moved back from Cali a week or two ago and already she is stalking me and half of our mutual friends. I dont know if I can put into words how rude and disrespectful she can be and I dont know why i deal with it, and why I dont draw some boundaries between us. The first time we hung out since she got back was last Saturday and I actually had a blast. She was being friendly and fun and didnt only talk about herself, we went to the movies then to Ruby Tuesdays and it was really nice and I was completely relieved that she wasn't irking me. Now its a week later and I cant explain to you how stressed I am. I dont know why I allow myself to let people be such a burden to me but I do. Just for examples of why Im going crazy here it goes:
(I worked 730am-430pm)
9am: Steph shows up at my work to sit around and talk to me, I was like ok whatever but she kept saying "you should thank me for getting up just to come and talk to you!" if I asked her to come in.
she left around 1030 and at:
12pm: my work phone rings: "Lyndz, I just bought a puppy tell them to give you a break, Ill come get you and we'll go out to Cicero to see it and get some food." SO Im like umm no I cant just request to leave work and if I did I have 3478 other things to do so I wouldnt have time to go see your puppy anyways. "Well then we'll just go together on Saturday to see it."
I avoided that the best I could.
1pm the phone rings- "Lyndz, I just got pulled over in my new car and I got out of the ticket! I knew the cop would be easy to flirt with I could tell he thought I was pretty blah blah blah"
230pm: Phone rings- "Lyndz, what are you doing." Um well Im kind of busy. "why?" Because Im at work and have 3 people on hold on the other lines, Ill call you later. "You better call me!"
3pm: Stephanie shows up at my work again just to sit and talk. She stays all the way until 430 and tells me I better go out with her that night and if I "dont call her by 730 shes coming over to my house and knocking on my door." At this point IM speechless and was just like Ill call you when I wake up from my nap dont you dare come to my house cuz I wont answer the door even if Im there.
..I call her later in the night and she says shell pick me up to go downtown at 10. So I was like Ok whatever and called Kenny to see if he was going out. He told me Steph called him like 3 times that day and he didnt answer any of her calls and that he was going to the movies with cody and randy and all those guys. Kenny told me to go with him and not go out with Stepg cuz shes nuts. I call Cody, he tells me "you can come to the movie but dont fucking bring stephanie and pawn her off onto us." So more phone calls ensued but basically I just said screw it cuz Steph showed up early.


10pm: Im on the phone and Steph walks into my room, goes into my closet. Pulls a short off of a hanger, holds it up to herself as if deciding whether or not to wear it and I say "I like what you have on better." So Steph was like ok, and throws my clean shirt into my hamper.
A few minutes later Im in the bathroom and I hear my cell phone beeping from inside my room. I go in and Steph is sitting there reading all of my received text messages.
Honestly, who does that?????

So we go out blah blah blah. She calls me like 4 times Saturday.
Today she calls my cell at 10am, 1pm, 3pm and she just left a message on my house phone a few minutes ago and she left me an IM from her sisters screename.

WHAT DO I DO. I know that ppl will obviously say "tell her to knock it off" but i cant do it for some reason. I do like the girl and we do have fun at times but this is just ridiculous. If she was my boyfriend and behaving like this Id break up with her, so what do I do since shes a girl? Im lost.
Shes driving everyone nuts and Kenny is blatantly never talking to her again.
I know this is so high school to sit here and type this all out behind her back pretty much but IM going CRAZYYYYYYYY. I feel like she tries to bring me down. All of the guys that Im friends with she tries to become friends with and shell tell me how "he said I was so hot" and this guy or that guy definitely want me. And at the same times all these guys shes saying these things about come bitching to me how annoying and arrogant she is so I know all of these claims shes making are not true. I dont even know how to explain this but its like shes trying to prove to me shes just as tight with these people as I am like some twisted competition. I dont know if I need to cut her out of my life or be patient or what. The avoidance thing doesnt work with her . Last time I did that she called me all the time and when I didnt answer she came to my house rang the bell, when I didnt answer she went around my house and banged on every window screaming my name and yelling into my answering machine.

I know its bad that Ive dealt with her for this long but what the hell do I do. I honestly am so stressed I could scream and yeah thats all.
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