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My randomness Enters your screen...

Ok so does anybody really matter? Do you matter do I matter does every person as a whole matter...I have no idea. But everyone thinks that they matter. THey think their friends matter. THey think their parents matter. THey think their waitress matters until they pay the bill and never see her again. We sit at a stop light and theres cars all around us filled with different families and some people are single and lonely others are foreign and loud and while you sit at the stop light you dont think about any of those people at all, and if you do you are probably thinking WHY IS HE LOOKING AT ME or I WONDER IF THEY SAW ME SINGING BY MYSELF you never say "I wonder what they are listening to on their radio over there." So basically we all think our lives are big and important and the people around us are accessories but to those people we are just their accessories and their lives are big and important and their prayers and wishes are heard first and their lives would make the best book and we are just there. So pretty much I have no idea what matters but we are both the star and the audience in life and yeahhhhhh its weird when you think about it. We're all meaningless and meaningful and theres really no way to change that.

Thats all. Last week of classes. Crunch Time. Im pretty happy.
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